Convert FoxPro VFP 8.0 DBF to Any Format (File Structure)

DBF Structure
Byte            Value
0                0x30 VFP 8.0 Format
1-3             Number of records
8-9             Position of first record
10-11          Length of first record (one)
12-27          Reserved
28              Table flag
32+n          Subfield records
32-41         0-10     Field Name
11    Field Type
12-15 Displacement
16    Field Length
17    Number of decimals
18-31 Ignore in our case

Last record is having 0x0D value which indicates end of header record.

Each field is constructed as follows after header record:
Byte                Value
0                     Delete Flag           C     1
1-14                FIELNAME1            C     14
15-18               FIELNAME2            C     4

Field Types
C Character
T Date/Time
P Picture
Y Currency
N Numeric
B Double
I Integer
F Float
L Logical
D date
M Memo

struct db_header
char db_type;
char db_date[6];
unsigned long no_records;
int position_of_first_record;
int length_of_record;
char reserved[15];
char table_flag;
char none[3];

struct sub_records
char fieldname[10];
char displacement;
char field_length;
char field_decimals;
char field_reserved[15];

Now you can read the header structure and details in program. Note that on Celeron 1.7 the integer byte size=4 bytes. Therefore, do no use long to read in the structure, as long will read 8 bytes at a time.