MTNL address decryption (FoxPro version of the database)

Vulnerable MTNL directory data.
a=b0 b=df c=a4 d=d0 e=e9 f=a3 g=a7 h=a8 i=a9 j=j k=a2 l=9c m=f7 n=d1 o=f6 p=bc q=bf r=99 s=9a t=ac u=85 v=a5 w=b5 x=f8 y=89 z=66 1=06 2=86 3=e7 4=88 5=80 6=86 7=83 8=84 9=ad 0=af

Valid with the FoxPro release of the MTNL phone directory.