Enable Ekiga VoIP with Tata Indicom Broadband

Tata Indicom Broadband has blocked port 5060 UDP/TCP that is used for SIP and VoIP. To overcome this error, you need to login to your ADSL Router, supplied with the connection by Tata Indicom and enable port forwarding. Do below:
1.Login to your router from the Internet browser at
2.Enter your router administration user ID and password
3.Click on Advanced menu option on the menu bar at top of the web page.
4.Click on Port Forwarding, and you will find a hyperlink text that reads as “Custom Port Forwarding”. Click on that.
5.You get a web page where in you need to enter the following values:
Application = ekiga
Protocol = UDP i.e. VoIP (SIP) uses UDP
Source Address = Your address. Make sure you assign static IP to your PC.
Source Netmask =
Destination Address = Address for ekiga.net i.e. You can ping ekiga.net to find this out.
Destination Port Start, End to be 5060, 5061 respectively, and Map values should be 5060.
Click on Apply button.
6.You will see the rule on the screen and Enabled column will display on.
7.Click on Tools->System Commands->Save All
8.And lastly, click on Tools->System Commands->Restart to restart your router.

The rule will then be effective. Start ekiga and you can use SIP / VoIP. Make sure to validate open ports using ‘Shields Up’.