GnuCash Finance Quotes (Manual Install and Setup, if you do not have a Linux package)

Download Finance-Quotes*.tgz from
Unzip to a local folder. Change to the folder and follow instructions as in INSTALL/README

# perl -MCPAN -e shell <enter>
cpan> install Finance::Quote <enter>

And follow instructions defaults are fine.
$ perl Makefile.PL <enter>
# make install <enter>
# gnc-fq-check <enter>

This is to check if it is loaded.

Test it
$ ln -s test -t <enter>
$ perl Makefile.PL <enter>
$ make <enter>
$ make test <enter>
# make install <enter>

Verify Finance::Quotes install
$ gnc-fq-dump -v yahoo <enter>

Stocks values are WIPRO.NS NSE 500048.BS BSE
Mutual Fund NAVs available at
MF Scheme code to be put in Price Editor / Stock codes in Gnucash
Price Editor → GetQuote will work now