Interface Evolution to Nokia phone using multisync or multisync-gui in Fedora 11

Download RPM files required

# yum install libopensync-plugin-* libopensync0 opensyncutils msynctool mulstisync*
# msynctool –addgroup nokia
# msynctool –addmember nokia evo2-sync
# msynctool –addmember nokia syncml-obex-client
# hcitool scan ‘Use this to fetch the MAC address of your phone

You get xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

$ msynctool –configure nokia 2

Make sure that your configuration contains following:

<identifier>PC Suite</identifier>
<!– This needs to be set to 10 000, otherwise you’ll be sending more data than your phone can handle. –>

After configuring above bluetooth for the phone, you must now configure evo2-sync:

# msynctool –configure nokia 1

Modify it to look like this:


Change USERNAME to your user name

You can now sync using:

$ msynctool –sync nokia

You are done. You can also use a GUI provided called msynctool-gui. Download it and you can use that as well and avoid entering above commands.

If you get errors like synchronizing and breaks or hanging, it would probably be due to not specifying the paths explicitly in the msynctool –configure 1 command. These are the .evolution path on your computer.

In Fedora 12, you can use multisync-gui to even set up synchronization, but you may need manual tweaks.