gLabels – Free Business Cards / Labels creation utility in Linux

How many of us have experienced the process of creating our own Visiting Cards or Business Cards? We need to take our concept to the print shop, sit with the designer there and explain what we want. We also have a limitation on colour combinations, fonts, letter sizes and the entire set of other constraints, including cost, that we need to decide upon.

gLabels is a free utility in Linux, that you can download for zilch, use for creating your own visiting cards. Personally, I created my card, had a look at the quantity I need to print, determined layout etc. and took a sample printout on paper to determine the best one to finalize.

You can print your own visiting cards after creating them, or take a sample to the print shop and get them to print for you. Based on costs, I determined that it was cheaper to print them myself, as I used more colours. Using a print shop was more expensive. And my visiting cards look great.

There are utilities for Windows too, but I have not tried them, and the best ones are not freeware.