Firefox add-ons you should never surf without

The firefox web browser has been a game-changer for most of us who use it. Once used, we do not want to go back to Internet Explorer. When you install firefox on your computer or smartphone, you should also install the following handy add-ons available on their web site:

Add OnDescriptionDesktopAndroid
Ad Block PlusHelps to get rid of on-line advertisements that hit your surfing efficiency.YesYes
GhosteryProtects you from canvas fingerprinting. Use if you also want to remove flash cookies. Ghostery also works as a substitute for NoScript on AndroidYesYes
FlashblockBlocks flash objects on your screen. Allows you to choose whether you want to see those objects or not. In some cases, you need to, but you know that you had the choice of not viewing them.YesNo
ShowIPThis add-on sits at the bottom right corner of your firefox browser window and displays the IP address of the site you are viewing. You can view more information about the site by right-clicking on the IP address.YesNo
NoScriptBy far the best add-on I have ever used. This allows you to choose whether you want to execute the javascript on the site you visit. Helps control behaviour of the site on your browser. You can also choose to trust sites, and permit them to execute their javascript.YesNo
Clean QuitCleans cookies, cache and other stuff before exiting firefoxNoYes

Must for every firefox web browser user. For Android device or phone, you can use a few other add-ons as in this post.