Go Green with your Visiting Cards

Mobile phones have made it possible to use your phone to send your visiting or business card to another phone. Various options to use are:
1. Transmit a vCard via bluetooth. This requires you to pair your phone with the other phone.
2. Send your contact information via SMS to the other phone.
3. Use a mobile bar code generator to generate a code for your visiting card information.

The third option is much newer. To do this, you need to:
1. Visit http://mobilecodes.nokia.com/create.jsp
2. Key in your contact information and as you enter it, a bar code is generated alongside.
3. After you are done, you can save the image to your desktop and put it up on a site, or paper or anywhere
4. Many phones come equipped with a bar code reader.
5. If you do not have one, visit http://www.i-nigma.mobi from your cell to download one.
6. Start the software on your mobile, and point to the bar code.
7. You will get the information that the bar code contains on your phone.
8. You can store that information as a contact on your phone.