Install NetBeans in Linux

Objective is to set up an environment for development of Java programs with Net Beans – be they applications for your desktop using J2SE (Java 2 Standard Edition) or for your mobile phone using J2ME (Java 2 Mobile Edition).

1 Download the Java 2 SE SDK from
Choose the Standard Edition.
2 Download the Java 2 ME Sun Wireless Toolkit from, if you are going to develop your mobile program on Linux
3 Download standard Netbeans from Download the one listed under Java SE.
4 Login as root.
Now, install Java 2 SE SDK first. Let it get installed in the default location.
5 Then install the Java 2 ME Sun Wireless Toolkit in /usr/local. You will see a folder like /usr/local/WTK2.5.2
6 When asked for the bin folder of the Java 2 SE SDK, make sure you mention /usr/java/latest/bin
7 Run the netbeans file you downloaded and at the installation prompts, point to appropriate Java 2 SE SDK bin folder.
8 Start NetBeans. Click on Help->Check for Updates. This step is to make sure that you have updated plugins and code for NetBeans.
9 Click on Tools -> Plugins -> Available Plugins tab. Now choose the plugin by name of Mobility by clicking on the checkbox before it. Click Install.
10 You are done with the installation and can now create your first application

To create your Mobile Application, click on and look at the section on “Creating a MIDP Application” Using the Visual Mobile Designer.