Quick Basic (QBasic) on Linux

Luckily for Linux users, you can get QBasic interpreter for your Linux desktop at http://www.qb64.net. Download the Linux version to your computer, extract it’s contents to a folder of your choice. To compile it for your computer, open a terminal window (refer here), and type the following commands:

# cd <folder where you extracted the contents>
# yum install gcc-c++ <enter>
# yum install SDL_mixer-devel SDL_gfx-devel SDL_net-devel SDL_ttf-devel SDL_sound-devel SDL_mixer-devel SDL-devel SDL_image-devel
# ./setup.sh

Once compiled, you can run the application by typing qb64 at the command line.

By the way, this would help those students who need to learn Quick Basic as per their CBSE syllabus in schools. You do not need Windows to use Quick Basic. Funnily, due to disparate education systems by state in India, some schools insist kids use Windows, and others use Linux. Unfortunately, the use of Windows does not allow kids who cannot afford it, a viable alternative. However, with Linux, affordability increases and they can thus, use QB64 to learn the BASIC language at school.