Document Management System for Home – OpenKM

Many times, service providers like phone companies, billing agencies sending electronic copies of bills or statements that you need to preserve or pay. Their main contention is, they save trees by using electronic means to deliver your statements or bills. The point is, they do not help you save any trees, but they help themselves save money on printing, paper and mailing costs. One man’s tree saved is another man’s tree chopped. Unless you too have a personal document management system, you will anyway, print the bill or statement and file it. End of day, you are the loser in this Corporate game of saving money. The onus of printing and preservation falls on you.

Do not worry, there is an easy way out. You can use OpenKM at to download a software (document management system) that helps people like us, file and preserve our electronic documents. You can catalog, classify and file such electronic documents into an electronic filing cabinet.

Moreover, OpenKM is cross-platform. You can use it on Windows or Linux.