Install Clamtk (Clam Anti-virus)

# yum install clamtk <enter>

For clamtk installation, if you get error cannot parse freshclam.conf. Do following:
# vi /etc/freshclam.conf  <enter>

Locate #Example and remove it from the freshclam.conf file .
Look for database.XY and replace with database.IN for India.
Now start clamtk and you should be able to update antivirus signatures.

$ freshclam <enter>
ERROR: Can’t create temporary directory /var/lib/clamav/clamav-4eae181927436943ef408fafd320a247
Hint: The database directory must be writable for UID 1000 or GID 1000 (in case of Fedora 16) or UID 500 or GID 500 (in case of Fedora 15)

# cd /var/lib <enter>
# chown 500.500 clamav <enter> (for Fedora 15)
# chown 1000.1000 clamav <enter> (for Fedora 16)

An alternative approach would be adding the User with UID 500 or UID 1000 to the clamupdate group.

$ freshclam <enter> should work now.

Once this starts working, you can locate clamtk application on your desktop to do scans and updates.