Things to do after Fedora 15 install

So you have now upgraded from Fedora 14 or any other distribution to Fedora 15? Congratulations. You will now need to learn how to use the Gnome 3 desktop environment and also customize your desktop and install additional software. Below is a list of things you can do after you have install Fedora 15 on your computer.

  1. Install LXDE or XFCE as alternative desktops till you learn how to use the Gnome 3 desktop.
  2. Customize services on your Fedora 15 system.
  3. Complete migration to the new Evolution email client maildir format.
  4. Set up the locale for your computer, so GnuCash uses the correct regional settings for you.
  5. Restore any virtual machines you backed up, that were created using VirtualBox.
  6. Set up Skype on your computer.
  7. Install VirtualBox.
  8. Install clamtk anti-virus.
  9. Modify font size of icon text on Gnome 3 application desktop. This can now be done by installing the gnome-tweak tool.
  10. Improve font quality. This can now be done by installing the gnome-tweak-tool.
  11. Install flash plugin.
  12. Enable Shutdown / Power Off button on Gnome 3 desktop.
  13. Remove OpenJDK
  14. Install Java Runtime from Sun