and your personal information

Recently, ( has introduced a slew of new features. Most features are introduced to enhance your experience with using the site, but there are others that appear very useful, but have some concerns over the information you have that you can control on the site.

When you create profiles on social networking sites such as,,, and others, the following are the information categories that can be entered:
Direct information entered by yourself.
Information about you that is entered by others.
Implied information such as that which can be deduced from your profile.
Information about your network, that gives an insight into what you do, like, your acquaintances and more.

All the above information except the direct information you provide about yourself, is not controllable by you. To that extent you reveal more than what you want to reveal. has introduced a new form in the connections list. Here you can provide more information about your connection that is about the connection such as other phones, email addresses and more. The information that you provide about your connection may or may not be controllable by that connection. Therefore, you should exercise vigilance when filling the form.

Data privacy has regulations and laws in some countries, but most countries do not care about your privacy. Therefore, always make sure that you know what you are doing when using social network sites.