Fedora 16 and USB drive data files not accessible

Migration to Fedora 16 has one known issue when restoring your backups from a USB hard drive or device. When the files were originally copied in earlier versions of Fedora, they all had the starting UID as 500 and GID as 500. However, Fedora 16 creates the first user with the UID of 1000 and the GID of 1000. Therefore, when you connect your USB storage device or drive, you will find that all the content is not accessible. To overcome this issue: Connect your USB drive or storage device

  1. Start up a terminal session in Fedora 16
  2. Switch to superuser or root in the terminal session and enter the following command to change your user and group ID for all folders and files on the USB drive or storage device.

# chown -R user.group /media/* <enter> # exit <enter>

Now you should be able to read and copy the files.