Things to do after Fedora Linux install

So you have now upgraded to the latest Fedora Linux Operating System? Congratulations. You will now need to learn how to use the Gnome 3 desktop environment and also customize your desktop and install additional software. Below is a list of things you can do after you have install Fedora 16 on your computer.

Improve font quality.
Customize services on your Fedora Linux system.
Set up the locale for your computer, so GnuCash uses the correct regional settings for you.
Restore any virtual machines you backed up, that were created using VirtualBox.
Install VirtualBox.
Install clamtk anti-virus.
Add the Applications Menu by installing the Frippery Applications menu Gnome 3 extension or the Cinnamon or Mate Gnome 3 desktop.

Note that Fedora now starts user ID values from 1000 onwards, instead of 500 as was earlier. Therefore, if you need to restore any backups from a Fedora 15 or prior version USB drive onto your Fedora system, you will need to restore your data and then change the UID and GID to 1000.

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