Connect Sony MW600 headset to Linux (only audio output)

Finally, got the MW600 headset connected to Fedora 16 Linux. To do this, you need Pulseaudio and also the Blueman Device Manager. This is a GTK+ manager. The present Gnome 3 bluetooth does not allow this device to be connected.

To do so, install the following packages, if not installed on your linux box:
# yum install bluez pulseaudio-module-bluetooth bluez-compat bluecove, blueman bluez-alsa <enter>

Once done, restart your system, and connect your headset. You will not be able to setup the device in the Gnome bluetooth settings, but you will find an icon blueman-applet where you can click and set up your headset.

When the headset is connected, open the blueman window and set it up. Right click on the device in the list in blueman window and select Headset Service or A2DP Sink (Send Audio). One of them will work, but there will be no microphone support.

In the task manager, you should find blueman-applet, blueman-manager and bluetoothd running.