Alternative desktops to Gnome 3 – Mate, Cinnamon

Linux users who find Gnome 3 clunky, now have a choice in desktop environments. You can install Cinnamon or go with Mate, which is fork of the Gnome 2 project. Funny that the Gnome developers did not realize that over time, their interface would introduce inefficiencies or wean away their users to other alternatives.

Personally, the desktops like LXDE or XFCE are good, but the one that shows the most promise with respect to Gnome 3 is Cinnamon.

The issue with moving over to the Mate desktop is that you need to re-configure your Evolution settings to retrieve messages from servers. With Cinnamon, that works well if you are already on Gnome 3. It re-uses the configuration of Evolution and you do not need to re-configure Evolution under Cinnamon.

Refer these instructions to install Cinnamon on your Fedora Linux computer.

Refer these instructions to install Mate on your Fedora Linux computer.

Go ahead and give them both a test drive. You will not be disappointed. Choose the one that you find most meets your requirements.