Firewall Builder iptables compile error – failed to start program

Following error was reported when compiling the Firewall Builder rulesets for iptables.
Compiling rule sets for firewall: xx1firewall
fwb_ipt -v -f /home/user/xx1firewall.fwb -d /home/user -o /home/user/xx1firewall.fw -i id8922X6568
Error: Failed to start program
Last error:
The process failed to start
Current state of QProcess:
The process is not running.

To resolve this error, install fwbuilder-ipt or fwbuilder-iptables. There are policy compilers for Cisco, ipfilter and other firewalls. If you want to compile the rules for those firewalls, you should install their fwbuilder policy compilers for your distribution.