Find India Mutual Fund 6 digit AMFI Symbol code for Gnucash

Gnucash has the capability to retrieve and update your portfolio with the Indian Mutual Funds online quotes that it can find from the AMFI website at this link

AMFI publishes the NAVs of every Indian Mutual Fund scheme on it’s website at this link Gnucash picks the NAV prices from it.

When you access the above AMFI NAV file, you will find it’s structure as follows:

107636;INF204K01844;-;Reliance Natural Resources Fund-Growth Plan-Growth Option;9.2788;9.1860;9.2788;11-Jun-2012

107636 is the symbol for Reliance Natural Resources Fund-Growth Plan-Growth Option. This matches with the symbol we used to set up Gnucash to enable us to retrieve the NAV of the above Mutual Fund.

Once you have got the symbol codes, you can see how to set up Gnucash to use them.