Multiple Wireless LANs WRT54G2 – Allow guests to use your WLAN

You have a wireless router at home. There are occasions when you have guests at your home, and they require to access the internet over your Wireless Network. Unfortunately, the default firmware on the Cisco / Linksys WRT54G2 wireless router does not allow you to have a separate WLAN access password for your guests.

In this case, you need to give them your wireless LAN password and this means that since you have a single WLAN, your password is divulged to your guests. After much search, below was the best solution to resolve the problem, with the limitations on the WRT54G2 wireless LAN router.

Download and install the DD-WRT firmware on your wireless router. The complete instructions to do so are on the DD-WRT website for several routers. Please note that any mishap or incorrect step can ‘brick’ your router.

Using DD-WRT, you can have a virtual Wireless LAN for your guests. Basically, it splits the same WLAN port into 2. You can have 2 BSSIDs, like abc_wlan for your personal use with a password that you do not give to others, and xyz_lan for use of your guests, where you can share the password with them and be free of changing shared keys (passwords) each time the guest leaves.

After you have changed your router’s firmware to DD-WRT, follow the steps outlined at

This also allows your guest network is isolated from your home network, although both are configured on the same device.