Evolution email not visible

Evolution on Fedora 17 has given some issues lately. I have not been able to diagnose why. It worked well for past several years. However, there has been loss of all email in all folders and mail boxes now. A re-install did not work. So did a restoration from backup. It worked temporarily, but then after adding a new contact or a new calendar entry, all emails went missing again. Even a downgrade of the Evolution version did not work. Therefore, the only option left was to back up the email was to retrieve from backup, and save each folder as an .mbox mail file from evolution, so it can be imported into Thunderbird, to avoid the missing mail issue.

Configured Thunderbird in Fedora 17 and imported the .mbox folders into it. Once you move to Thunderbird, you will need to re-create the address book. This was not acceptable. However, there was a solution. Ubuntu has moved to Thunderbird as the default email client. It also connects with the Evolution address book and the contacts are synced each time you change them.

By the way, a benefit of migration to Ubuntu is also that you sync contacts with the Nokia phone using sync-ui and syncevolution. No need to use multisync-gui or msynctool.