Compile anagramarama in Fedora 17

Download the source code from the anagramarama site here.

$ tar -zxvf anagramarama-src-0.4.tar.gz <enter>
$ cd anagrama* <enter>
$ mv makefile.linux makefile <enter>
$ yum install SDL-devel SDL_mixer-devel <enter>
$ make <enter>

You will now see a file name ag in the folder. That is the anagramarama program. You can run it directly or login as root and copy the file to the /usr/local/bin folder on your computer using:

$ su <enter>
# cp ag /usr/local/bin <enter>

To run the game, type:

$ ag <enter>

When you run the game from /usr/local/bin, you will get following errors and it will not start up.
testing i18n/en_US.UTF-8/wordlist.txt: failed
testing i18n/en_US/wordlist.txt: failed
testing i18n/en/wordlist.txt: failed

To overcome these errors, login as root and copy the folders to /usr/local/bin

$ su <enter>
# cp -R i18n /usr/local/bin <enter>
# cp -R audio /usr/local/bin <enter>
# cp -R tools /usr/local/bin <enter>
# exit <enter>

$ cd /usr/local/bin <enter>
$ ag <enter>

The game will now run.

If you install this game from the Ubuntu repositories, please be aware that it consumes a lot CPU. This bug was fixed in the source code but has not yet made it to the Ubuntu packages. Therefore, compiling from source is more worthwhile.