Clonezilla – Clone your hard disk for free

Finally, I got down to save myself the pain of re-installing operating systems if my installation got corrupt. You can do so, by using any disk imaging or cloning tool like Ghost for Linux, Symantec/Norton Ghost or even a free tool like Clonezilla available at

  1. It is free
  2. Saves diskspace by compressing the images it creates
  3. Better security as it is able to create encrypted images

Remember that if you have an encrypted partition or volume, it will not compress that. That is the case with all compression tools. So nothing is lost.

My advice is to first install the basic operating system, install the software you require, configure it, and then use CloneZilla to create an image. This will give you the base, and in the event of a corruption or loss, you can always copy that image back to your computer using CloneZilla.

CloneZilla also offers the capability to clone or copy images to several computers over a network at the same time. This is a feature available in most paid / commercial Cloning products. So, advantage, CloneZilla.