Stock Chart using the Price Scatterplot Report in Gnucash

Gnucash has the ability to print a graph of the movement of your stocks or securities over a period of time, provided you have the data to do so. This post explains how to view a graph of the movement of the stocks in your portfolio in Gnucash. We assume that you have alreay installed Gnucash, set up the Security and also retrieved the online prices of your securities over a period of time.

1  Start up Gnucash.
2  Select Reports -> Assets and Liabilities -> Price Scatterplot
3 Choose Edit – Report Options
4 Select the General tab and choose the step size. I chose “Day”
5 Once done, click on the Price tab and then the Price of Commodity Select… button as shown in the figure below
6 Choose your Security Type as shown in Figure below. I chose NS, which is the NSE (National Stock Exchange) in India.
7 Now you can choose the Stock or Security for which you want to generate a Price Scatterplot report. Click on the OK button. In my case here, I chose TECHM.NS, which is a stock on the NSE in India
8 Now choose the Price Source for your report. This is the data you want to plot on the Price Scatterplot. In our case here, we choose the Price Database
9 This is the result of our selection. The Price Scatterplot from Gnucash for the selected Security

Gnucash can print a Price Scatterplot graph for one security or stock at a time. Unfortunately, at this time, it does not have the capability to place more than one stock on the chart. However, having one stock analysis by day or week on price movement is extremely useful.