Use GPS with MapDroyd on Android Phone without Internet or GPRS

Many Android Phones come equipped with the GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) system within them. The GPS constantly works, and when you activate it, it gets your coordinates. But, this is of no use without a map. Normally, Google Maps with the Navigator can be used, but it requires you to have a GPRS connection or be connected to the internet via a Wireless LAN.

Not all is lost. You can save a fortune in Internet Charges over GPRS or can still use the GPS with a map without internet connections. Here is how.

  1. From your Android Phone, visit the Google Play Store and install an application called “MapDroyd“. You can view more information about MapDroyd at
  2. On your phone, start up MapDroyd and when asked to download maps for use offline, find the relevant map for your country. Install it.
  3. Once it is installed, you can start using MapDroyd whenever you activate GPS, to find your location.

MapDroyd maps are Open Street Maps. You will find maps for all countries and if you are not so precision-oriented, you will get your location details to an accurate extent. This feature is very useful to help avoid expensive GPRS roaming charges when visiting a new country or city.