Use Wuala to store encrypted data is a free cloud storage service that offers 5gb of space to users. I was looking for something good that would have cross-platform personal file sharing capability with encryption. Obviously, the encryption had to be real good and secure and under my full control. Main advantage wuala does not take your encryption keys or passwords away from you.

I came across Wuala. Wuala has the capability of being used on Windows, Linux, Android, and more. Above all, it does not have the inconvenience of wrangling with files to upload or download on the Android, like Ubuntu One. My experience with Ubuntu One over past few months included data synchronization (datasync) issues between multiple computers and android devices, that are best avoided.

To get started

1. Visit
2. Download the program for your computer or phone as per instructions provided.
3. Install it. In my case, I installed the Linux version, set up my 5 gb free space.
4. First off, I thought it hanged, but then realised that it was setting the 5 gb encrypted volume on the computer.
5. Once that is done, start up Wuala, upload a few sample files to test and get familiar with wuala.
6. Lastly, visit the Google Play and install wuala to your mobile device.

Now, you can start up wuala on the phone and see your files on it. You can download the files to your phone’s folder and enjoy.

To add one more layer of encryption to your files on wuala, you can encrypt your folders or files using encfs on Linux or encdroid on the Android phone. That way, you build 2 layers of encryption for every file you upload to wuala. Although slower, it makes you more secure. Alternatively, if you are paranoid, you could use GnuPG on your desktop and Android Privacy Guard also called APG on your phone, you use PGP/GPG keys to encrypt or decrypt your data. Before using APG, you need to create a public and private key pair for yourself. You can do so on APG or on your desktop using GPG. GPG is cross-platform.