Import and Export Contacts as VCF files between Evolution and Android phone

With the Android phone, synchronization of contacts information between the phone and a PC, needs to be done via the Internet through Google contacts. Many of us would be uncomfortable providing the contact details of other people to some server on the Internet. There have been instances where some people have told me that they synchronization the birthdays of their contacts to Google Contacts, and were surprised that their contacts were wished a Happy Birthday from the Google Contact list. Unfortunately, the people failed to visit their Google Account Settings and uncheck the option that did so. To overcome the problem of using Google as a intermediary to synchronize contacts between your PC and the Android phone, you can use the plain old VCF files (Visiting Card Format) by exporting the contacts from Evolution or Android Phone to your PC or Phone.

1. Click on the Contacts icon on your Android Phone.
2. Click on the menu button and then select Import / Export.
3. Save your contacts into a VCF file.
4. Copy that VCF file to your computer and Import them into Evolution Contact List.

That’s it. You can also use a 3rd party secure and encrypted service like Wuala to do the file transfer to your PC and then import the VCF file into evolution.

The same method can be done from Evolution to the Android phone.
1. Export the contacts as a single VCF file from Evolution into a file.
2. Copy that file onto a folder on your phone.
3. Click on the Contacts icon on your Android Phone.
4. Client on the menu button and select Import / Export.
5. Import the contacts from the SD Card VCF file that you copied in Step 2 above.

That’s it.