How to remove KDE from Ubuntu after installation of RSI Break

Basically, I did a mistake. I do not want to fill up my hard drive with multiple desktops. Neither do I want to have the KDE desktop libraries on my computer. However, unfortunately when I installed rsibreak on the desktop, it downloaded almost 100 mb of software… KDE. To uninstall KDE after you have installed it through rsibreak, do the following:
$ sudo apt-get purge rsibreak kde* <enter>
$ sudo apt-get autoremove <enter>

The above commands will remove even those programs that require QT or KDE libraries. You can re-instate by referring to the packages that got ‘autoremoved’ and install them back again. Below is what I had to re-install, after they got ‘autoremoved’.
$ sudo apt-get install audacity avidemux dvdrip basic256 devede cheese earcandy espeak ffmpeg pitivi smplayer fluidsynth pidgin gtk-recordmydesktop dvdstyler pulseaudio asound qsynth mencoder mplayer soundconverter istanbul indicator-sound fluid-soundfount-gm istanbul <enter>

After this, test your system.