Use VoIP on Linux and your Android Phone – linphone and sipdroid

Most of us use the popular solution to voice calling on the internet, called Skype. However, there are very good alternatives available that work more or less hassle-free. They use SIP to allow you to have a similar set up like Skype, but only over the SIP protocol. One the the good SIP services is from IPTel. You can have a similar setting on your desktop and Android phone / device using linphone for the computer or sipdroid for an android phone. Simply use:

  1. Linphone on the desktop from
  2. Create a VoIP account on
  3. Configure it on linphone on your desktop.
  4. Install sipdroid (it’s free) from Google Play
  5. Add your user ID and password to sipdroid with the server as, test and you are done.

This allows you to use VoIP account from iptel on both your computer and android phone.

Very useful in case you do not have skype or do not want to use skype