Use Gnucash to retrieve stock quotes from Bombay Stock Exchange India using

Gnucash retrieves Stock Quotes from Yahoo Finance for Indian stocks. Of late, Yahoo Asia Finance stock quote source does not work correctly. To overcome the issue, I added a new Finance::Quote module to help retrieve stock prices from the MUMBAISTOCK source. This is based on where mutual fund NAVs are retrieved from the website.

MumbaiStock relies upon the Bombay Stock Exchange to provide stock quotes. It picks up the end of trading day stock quotes file like to read the last price of the stocks you have in your Gnucash portfolio. To use Mumbai Stock, you need to do the following:

  1. Download the file
  2. Download the
  3. Open a terminal window and copy the files as follows:

$ sudo cp /usr/share/perl5/Finance/Quote/ <enter>
$ sudo cp /usr/share/perl5/Finance/ <enter>

If you need to know the 6 digit symbol code in the Bombay Stock Exchange, visit this link Open the file inside it EQ181013.CSV. The first 6 digits you see are the stock symbol. For example, in below record, 500002 is the stock symbol for ABB.
500002,ABB LTD.    ,A ,Q,543.00,559.00,540.00,554.50,554.50,541.40,1969,21123,11623881.00,

After that, start up Gnucash and set up the Stocks in the Security Editor as shown at this link. Replace INDIAMUTUAL with MUMBAISTOCK and use the symbol code from the EQ141013.CSV file.

If you are looking for real-time quotes update into Gnucash like Yahoo Finance or Google Finance, look elsewhere.