Announce wordpress post on twitter with WP to Twitter plugin

Many of us use WordPress to blog or post information on the internet. We also see that there are several blogs and sites that announce their new information on social sites like using tweets.

To do this from your Wordpress blog, install a plugin called WP to Twitter. Once you have installed it, head over to and create your account. When you have created the account, return back to your blog or Wordpress site, select Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> WP to Twitter -> Settings. In the WP to Twitter Options, you need to give the WP to Twitter application the rights to post to your Twitter account directly. Follow the instructions.

After this is setup, each time you create a new post on your WordPress site or blog, you will also find a widget on the right lower corner named WP to Twitter. Enter a short summary with the links to the post and it will post your blog entry as a tweet onto Twitter.