How to install Dropbox on Linux desktop

Setup a free Dropbox account for yourself at

Download the deb file for your distribution from and install, if you use Ubuntu, using:
$ sudo dpkg -i dropbox* <enter>

Start it from Applications Menu->Internet->Dropbox. Next up, will be a screen as follows.

Dropbox1Click on the Start button displayed within the Dropbox Information Window. Next you will see the Dropbox Installation Window. Click on the OK button.


Now, Dropbox daemon / service will be downloaded.


Please wait till it completes. Login to your Dropbox account and the computer will be added as one more device that can access it.


Once setup, you will find an icon in your panel and you can open the Dropbox folder as illustrated below.


At any time, click on Quit Dropbox to exit. That’s it. Dropbox is on your Linux desktop now.

Make sure that when you install, you choose Advanced when asked to set up your Dropbox folder. We do not want to synchronize all the data, but only that which resides in the computer’s ~/Dropbox folder.