MumbaiStock v 1.4 Gnucash Finance Module enhancement released

Note that I no longer use github

MumbaiStock v 1.4 Gnucash Finance Module has been released. This fixes a date calculation bug.

MumbaiStock Gnucash Finance Module ( had a bug… that it could not calculate the previous date correctly at end of any month. The arithmetic was wrong and it was expected that the programmer would build the code to perform date subtraction and addition and check for month-end dates and more. It could never retrieve the correct copy of the bhavcopy CSV file from the Bombay Stock Exchange at month ends.

This bug has been fixed. Version 1.4 is a major enhancement to that extent. It uses the localtime perl function and reduces the equivalent of 1 day in seconds from the local date to arrive at the correct date. Using this method eliminates the need for the program to have the date arithmetic built in to reduce the day by 1, check the month and then if needed reduce the month by 1.

Download the module from and follow the instructions listed here to install and use it.

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