Gnucash not able to retrieve stock quotes from Yahoo Finance USA fix to

If you use Gnucash with stock quotes, you would have found that since early February 2014, it is not able to fetch the stock quotes of companies such as AMZN, IBM, MSFT from the NYSE. Yahoo Finance is the source for Gnucash to retrieve these quotes from the NYSE. Yahoo Finance has made a change to the URL and to make it work, you need to do the following steps:

$ cd /usr/share/perl5/Finance/Quote/Yahoo <enter>
$ sudo vi <enter>

Look for a string that says
$YAHOO_URL = ("");
Replace it with
$YAHOO_URL = ("");

If you are not comfortable with the vi editor, you can do the same steps, but using gedit or mouspad.
$ sudo mousepad <enter>

Now scroll through and change the URL as explained above. Save the program.

At the terminal command line, test as follows:
$ gnc-fq-dump yahoo MSFT <enter>

You should see the stock quote. If not, go back and check to make sure you edited the file correctly.

Now you can retrieve the US stock quotes from the NYSE using Get Quotes within Gnucash.