Keepass Droid password manager on Android

Today, many services have gone online. The ease and convenience of accessing these services online has led to a major issue for all users – that of remembering passwords to all the web sites to log in to access those services.

Many users use diaries or books to write down user IDs and passwords and keep changing them leading to a bigger risk. The whole book is misplaced, and all passwords are lost and require changing. If there are a very large number of passwords, then it is very difficult to change all of them. Anyone can read the passwords in those books, unless they are indecipherable.

To reduce this risk, in steps a password manager like KeePassDroid. KeePassDroid is an open source, free program that is available on Android, desktop, J2ME devices that helps to reduce the risk. It allows you to store user IDs, passwords and URLs encrypted. It also gives the ability to retrieve them and keep them securely encrypted in memory while they are open. It can also generate complex passwords.

Get KeePass for Android from the Google Play Store at

The biggest advantage of KeePass is that it is available for several operating systems and hardware. You can find those versions on their website at Another key advantage is that you can create a key on a USB pen drive and use that as part of the authentication to the password store. In effect, doing so is enabling two-factor authentication to open the KeePass key store.

If the file needs to be stored on a shared cloud storage, the key file can be kept on a local device and the password file or database on the shared cloud storage. This allows the single instance database file to be opened on multiple devices from the cloud where the key file is.