How to connect Android phone in developer mode and use adb

After enabling developer options on the phone, connect the USB cable that came with the phone to the computer.

Start adb shell as follows:
$ cd android-sdks/platform-tools <enter>
$ ./adb shell <enter>

Within the shell, you can execute several commands.

List all installed packages using the adb in android-platform-tools
pm list packages <enter>

List all files associated with a package:
pm list packages -f <enter>

This is an example to help block the My Xperia app from starting up on the phone.

You can look for My Xperia.apk and you disable it using:
pm block <enter>
Exit adb
Restart the phone.
You will not get My Xperia in the Apps list. I deliberately chose My Xperia as the example because the latest Android KitKat 4.4.4 upgrade on the Sony Xperia ZR installs a modified version of My Xperia service that without user knowledge installs a baidu folder on their internal storage. Sony is very silent on what that folder does or whether it is an official Sony feature or not.