How to adjust width of GnuCash Balance column heading

Since I upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, GnuCash would never display all digits of the balance column. Using the mouse to widen the column yielded no results. It was a struggle to find out how to adjust the width of the GnuCash Balance column within the Accounts.

Finally, found by accident that just a Double click on the Column Heading of the Balance column increased it’s width

2 thoughts on “How to adjust width of GnuCash Balance column heading

  1. Thanks from me also – I just upgraded to 18:04 and GnuCAsh loaded with narrow columns that I couldn’t change – you saved a lot of messing about.


  2. Thank you – very useful. I had hit exactly the same annoyance.

    In fact, GnuCash is so well written, this is the first “problem” I have had with it since starting to use it ~15 years ago. If only all software was so great!


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