How to revert to default TP-Link wireless router firmware from dd-wrt

Some of us like to try out multiple router firmware and at times, need to revert back to the default firmware that came with the router. TP-Link is fairly easy to revert, where you can experiment with various firmware before you settle down for the one you find most useful. The below steps enable you to revert back to default TP-Link firmware from dd-wrt.

Before you do the following, make sure you do not have version 24461 of dd-wrt on your router. If you do, then see Downgrade dd-wrt firmware from dd-wrt version 24461 to dd-wrt version 24160 on instructions to downgrade.

  1. Start up your browser and visit
  2. Click on the Router Database link.
  3. Type the first few alphabets of your router model or name like WDR4300
  4. From the list that appears, select the one that pertains to the router you have. For example, I chose TP-Link WDR4300 v 1.x and download the file. To revert to stock TP-Link firmware, download tl-wdr4300v1-webrevert.rar. Extract tl-wdr4300v1-webrevert.bin from it.
  5. Start up your web browser and login to the router via
  6. Go to Administration -> Firmware Upgrade. Click Browse… and choose the tl-wdr4300v1-webrevert.bin file. Click upgrade and wait patiently.

The original TP-Link firmware is back after the reboot. You can now install the latest version of TP-Link firmware or use any other router firmware such as openwrt or gargoyle. End of day, a cheap router with openwrt on it, becomes a powerful device that can do things that were not possible with the stock firmware.