Useful Android apps with minimal permissions required to get the job done

col width=”579″/> Use this app to learn about cyber law and data privacy in India.
App Name Description
@Voice Aloud Reader Podcasts are great as they save us time while walking, exercising, or doing something else. This app is a great tool to read aloud PDF documents. Gives a podcast type experience and very useful. Found it to be most non-intrusive among the others.
50 Pushups No more on playstore. Great motivator to do 50 push ups in 30 days.
909 Drum Sequencer Play the drums. Reminds me of Hydrogen on a Linux computer
Adobe Acrobat Reader Exclusive for Samsung phone owners from Samsung Galaxy Store
AlReader ePub book reader
AndFTP FTP client for android
ArchiDroid No more on playstore. Opens any compressed format files
aSQLiteManager SQLite database manager
Audio Recorder by Sony One of the best audio recorders
Autodesk Pixlr One good images manipulation tool on Android. Good for phones with larger memory
Banking Calculator Easiest and accurate banking calculator. Use it to compute accrued interest for Fixed Deposits. Most interesting feature is ability to save the results.
Binary Eye QR Code Scanner, not bloated, no ads and free
Birthday Reminder (no more on playstore) Birthday Reminder that gives alerts based on the birth day entered in Contacts database. THis was the most non-intrusive of all reminders and it works well
Bluelight Filter for Eye Care Always on bluelight filter
Breath Easy Breathing exercises app
Breathly Breathing exercises app
Cardiac Coherence Respiration exercises(no ads)
Chat Secure Secure Chat Client (No more on playstore). Use instead of Hangouts. Note SecuXabber is better, but no more on play store. Install it from the SecuXabber sourceforge page
Citizen Calculator App Citizen Calculator application for android. Emulates the calculator CT500, CT512 very well
Classic Words Scrabble like game for hours of brain entertainment
Cleaner Use this to clear junk files, cache and reclaim RAM on your Android device
ConnectBOT SSH client for Android
CPU Speed Test Test CPU Speed of an Android Device
Cyber Law and Data Privacy App
Dev Check Check device hardware. Displays even unheard of information and the best app that does a great job
Digilocker Digilocker by Meity India
Epson iPrint Epson has this wonderful utility that works well with it’s all-in-one devices.Who said only HP was the printer king?
Financial Planner Great financial calculator that is easy to use
Firefox Web browser for android
FreeCodeCamp Best site for programmers or developers
Frozen Bubble Father of all bubble shooter games
FTP Server No more on playstore. FTP server for android phones. File Transfer
Fuelio Car Fuel and Maintenance Tracker
GnuCash Finally a almost thorough port of the GnuCash Application for an Android device. Use this to manage personal finances.
Google Keep Keep notes or tidbits for reference anytime
Google Lens Never get left out if you cannot understand a language. Scan and translate.
Grasshopper Learn how to code using Google Grasshopper. Get a certificate while at it.
Hashdroid Verify checksums of files or text
Java Examples Java Examples to help one quickly brush up knowledge of Java Programming
Johnson & Johnson 7 minute workout No time for exercise? Use Johnson & Johnson 7 minute workout. Simplest app for a quick workout. Read about why 7 minute workouts are good for you at
JStock Stock Quotes with reminders at prices.
K-9 Mail Email Client supports PGP encrypted emails with OpenKeyChain
Kaspersky Antivirus for Android. The paid version is the best out there.
KeepassDroid Keepass password wallet on android. Best password manager
Latest Laws India Use to view latest laws for India
Lawnchair Launcher Highly customizable launcher for Android devices. Everything customizable.
Learn Java by Sololearn Looking for an application on Android devices to Learn Java? This is it. One of the best tutors. Sololearn also teaches other programming languages.
Lekh Diagram Lekh Diagram is a simple and effective flowchart maker for Android
Linux Commands Linux commands app. For Linux Administrators and Users
Live Law Keep track of latest law news
Loop Habits Great app to enable change in habits over time
Media Scanner Sometimes, music players cannot find music files. Use this to scan storage for media files and build the media database
MEGA Cloud backup storage
Memory Training Best app to train the brain to recognize visually. Level 2 is really tough
Messaging Classic Vanilla Android SMS Messaging App. Use if Android Messages app gives errors
Microsoft Edge Web browser by Microsoft for Android
Microsoft Excel Need we say more
Microsoft Word Best word processor so far on Android. Edits much faster than the others. No lag.
Millimeter Easy to use Ruler app for Android
Mint Business News Mint newspaper and articles
mParivahan Regional Transport Office App
My Cardiac Coherence Great app for respiratory exercises
My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter
My Funds – Portfolio Tracker My Funds Portfolio tracker allows tracking of stocks and mutual funds. The advantage over JStock is that it tracks Mutual Funds Net Asset Values (NAV) whereas JStock only tracks Stocks. However, My Funds – Portfolio Tracker also tracks Stocks, but only displays the last traded price the next day. That is true for Mutual Funds NAVs too. If you need to track real-time, and are not afraid to share your data, try using or MoneyControl
Netguard Firewall (no root) This is, by far, the best among all non-root firewalls on the Google Playsore. Worth every penny paid
Netstat Plus Displays all open network ports and the apps that have established connections or are listening on those ports
Network Tools Network tools for ping, traceroute servers
Nova Launcher Fed up with the default Google Now Launcher on your Android device? Use Nova Launcher to customize look and feel completely
Offline Survival Manual Offline Survival Manual. Good for trekkers or hikers
OI File Manager File Manager. Free, no nonsense file manager
Onkyo HF Player Audio player for audiophiles. This app allows you to play high resolution audio on your Android device. The sound quality is too good and the preset equalizer settings are ultimate. If you use a good quality headset and Onkyo HF Player, you can ignore the default player on your device.
Open Camera One of the best open source and non-intrusive camera apps for Android. Supports white balance, focus and more. Wonder why I did not discover this one earlier!
Open Keychain Open Key CHain – PGP implementation on Android. Works with K-9 Mail
OpenSudoku Sudoku game
OS Monitor Lists process, network connections and more of your phone. Best app to detect what your phone is doing.
Pedometer Very good non-intrusive Pedometer for android devices. Does not ask for Location Access
Pencil Sketch Create pencil sketch from photographs
Photo Editor This made it to the list as it was the only one able to invert colors like black to white
Plex Streaming movies free
Pomodoro Timer Lite Use this to take breaks. Pomodoro Timer Lite most appropriate
Poweramp Poweramp Music Player – Most mature in terms of sound effects and quality
QPython No more on playstore. Python interpreter for the Android
Quick Heal Total Security Quick Heal Total Security for Android
Rocket Player Music Player. Use if you do not have one on your device
RSO EDIS-Lite Displays all emergency events happening worldwide. Best if you need to know about emergencies worldwide like typhoons, fires and more
Samsung Voice Recorder Samsung Voice Recorder
SaveAPK No more on playstore. Saves APK files. Use to create app backups
Schematic Mind Powerful mind mapping application. Use if you do not need a desktop version
SD Maid Keeps Android phone storage clean. Gets rid of orphaned files
SIM Card Info Display SIM card info (Good for nano/micro SIMs)
SimpleMind Powerful mind mapping application. Has a Windows Desktop version too that runs very well in Crossover Office
Simply Done (no more on playstore) To do list. Supports SMS scanning to add to ToDo list
Sketch Sketch App from Sony Mobile Communication. Allows drawing as well. Has a lot of clipart too
Sky Map Simple and sweet stellar viewer. Point to see what’s above you in the sky
Snapseed Photos touch up tool like Pixlr
Solid Explorer Solid Explorer is a very powerful file manager for Android devices. Supports encryption and hidden folders
Sound Recorder Very small size sound recorder. Simple, no bells and whistles
Spirit Level Utility to display leveling of a surface. Make sure the bubble is at 0!
Spy Monitor Similar to Netstat Plus, but goes a step further, showing server locations on a map
Task Manager Powerful Task Manager for Android
TeamViewer for Remote Control Remote control and provide support to users using Team Viewer from an Android phone. Listed here because it is an essential for remote support
Ted Simple text editor. Replace Notes.
Telegram Messenger app like WhatsApp, offers more security, secret chats, self-destruct messaging and ability to delete account completely if you do want to use it anymore
Terminal Emulator Best terminal emulator on android by Jackpal
TORCH Simple Torch App. Nothing fancy, works on non-LED Flash phones and very fit for purpose
Turbo Editor Editor for Programmers
Udemy Learn as you like. Best courses for applications development
Umang One stop app for all government services on your Android
Units Units converter. Beats all hands down
Vivaldi Web browser for better control on privacy
VLC All in one media player. Now on android
Webget No more on playstore. Wget for Android. Download anything just like you would with wget on Linux
Wifi Analyzer Analyze wireless network range
Word Search Word search game on android
Xodo PDF Reader and Annotater Excellent application to open PDF files and annotate them. Good to fill forms, comment on PDF files and proof read.