Android Office Apps (WPS Office, Google Write, Polaris Office, MS Office 365)

Have been trying to get the right Office Suite for my Android phone. Here are the best from the Google Play Store and a stand out issue with them, for you to decide which is good for you.

MS Office 365
Microsoft has announced that their Office Suite will be free for all users on Android. It is one of the best, but there is a catch in all good things that come free. You cannot edit or store files on your local storage. You have to save all files to the OneDrive cloud store.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
Very convenient to use. Supports all office formats, even OpenDocument formats. So save a file in LibreOffice and port it across to Google Office Apps without any issues. Fonts were more than enough. Files saved are stored on Google Drive. However, if you want to save the files to local storage, you cannot. Download of files from Google Drive result in conversion to a PDF format, which is pretty much useless for editing with Google Docs. If you copy a file from your laptop to local storage, you can open it in Google Docs and it works, but new files always get created and stored on Google Drive. Printing a document required me to leave the Wireless LAN on. Wonder why I need to do that!

Polaris Office
One of the best. Came by default to my Samsung Tab P-3110 and was a delight to use. Everything works on it like a normal office suite. Only problem, it could not print a document on the HP Printer with a USB OTG cable connected to the printer. The printer just spewed multiple blank pages. However, best for editing and working with office documents.

WPS Office (formerly known as Kingsoft Office)
One of the best. I remember running this on a Samsung Galaxy Y S-5360 phone with just 168 mb of RAM. It does not support OpenDocument format files, but what the heck… as long as they are stored as docx, xlsx, pptx and so on, I am happy. It does not insist to store files on the cloud. It also allows to save and open files from local storage. However, just one issue… it has a limited number of fonts. I used Times New Roman to create a word document with QuickOffice, and WPS Office opened it in the Droid Sans format. I had to select all text and change the font to Droid Serif to get a Times New Roman effect. Other issue is with the Hindi script (Devanagari). Google Docs edits Hindi script documents without problem. You save, and you see exactly what you wrote. However, in WPS Office, some characters were not in the right position. It prints files properly on HP printer via the USB OTG cable.

My opinion would be to go with WPS Office as the base and use Google Docs for the fancy fonts I do not know how to add the Times New Roman or Hindi fonts to WPS Office.