How to use uploaded image with WordPress post if you cannot use “Upload Media” button

I have an instance of my own of WordPress installed on my web site. In some posts, I need to use images to illustrate and explain certain topics. To do this, the image has to be uploaded to a folder within wp-content and then use the name of the image file to display on the post.

Here is how it is done:

  1. FTP into the web site using gFTP or any good FTP client
  2. Locate a wordpress folder named wp-content
  3. Create a folder to hold your content in wp-content. Example: myimages.
  4. The path would be wp-content/myimages.
  5. Upload your image or media file into myimages.
  6. When you write your web page, you can place this image on the blog page with <img src="wp-content/myimages/image.jpg" alt="" />

There is also a button to “Add Media” when you create your post in WordPress, but if you are paranoid about security, you may have disabled the permissions to create media folders on your WordPress site.