How to watch the internet connections established by devices on OpenWRT router real-time with iftop

We all want to know to which internet connections our devices connect to. One of the best ways to do that, is use iftop.

Install the iftop package in OpenWRT on the router itself to enable it to be used to monitor these network connections.

To do so, open a terminal window on your computer and follow the steps below.

Login to the router using SSH
$ ssh <enter>

Install the iftop package
# opkg update <enter>
# opkg install iftop <enter>

Now you can run iftop on the router to see the connections that the router is establishing between the devices connected to it and the internet.
# iftop <enter>

You get real time data appearing on the screen. This is just like ntop. Use the br-lan interface if you want to see which client on your network is connected and their utilization.
# iftop -i br-lan <enter>

You can also use this to watch where all your Android phone is connecting to.
You cannot save this data anywhere. Infinitely, more power than dd-wrt.