How to open and use Google Drive in Linux using google-drive-ocamlfuse

Google has till date not released a Linux client for Google Drive. Result, we are dependent on 3rd party tools or applications to access Google Drive from Linux. There are a few solutions like:

  1. Grive
  2. InSync
  3. google-drive-ocamlfuse

Of the above, InSync is a paid software available for about US$ 10, that solves all problems with Google Drive access on Linux.

Grive, is explained here.

The last solution is google-drive-ocamlfuse. How to install and use it, is explained below.

Install google-drive-ocamlfuse
Open a terminal window in Linux and enter the following commands:
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alessandro-strada/ppa <enter>
$ sudo apt-get update <enter>
$ sudo apt-get install google-drive-ocamlfuse <enter>

Enable google-drive-ocamlfuse
In order to use google-drive-ocamlfuse, you need to first give it permission to access Google Drive. Within the Linux terminal window, enter:
$ google-drive-ocamlfuse <enter>

It will open a browser window where you need to log in to the Google account to grant that permission and enable the token.

Using google-drive-ocamlfuse
Using google-drive-ocamlfuse is very simple.
Each time you need to work with your Google Drive, you can enter the following command in a terminal window:
$ google-drive-ocamlfuse ~/myGoogleDrive <enter>
where ~/myGoogleDrive is the folder on the local computer, where the contents of Google Drive will be visible.

After you are done working with Google Drive, enter the following command:
$ fusermount -u myGoogleDrive <enter>

Lastly, with google-drive-ocamlfuse, the contents of the Google Drive are not copied onto your local computer, but they are mounted onto a folder just like any CD, USB drive. They remain on that drive only.