Create a VCD from mp4 or mkv files using devede and cdrdao in Linux

At times, we need to create a VCD from any video files we may have saved, like those from cell phones. Those files are already in the MP4 or MKV format. Fortunately, it is easy to create VCDs from such files using devede.

1. Transfer the mp4 or mkv files to the computer.
2. Start up devede
3. In DVD, choose create a VCD or SVCD as per requirement and select the source mp4 or mkv file.
4. Add the mp4 or mkv to the file list and click on Continue.

Devede will generate a movie.bin and a movie.cue file in the selected folder.

To burn the movie.bin file to a disc, look for the folder where the movie.bin and movie.cue files are stored.

Open a terminal window and use cdrdao to cut it to an empty CD inserted into the CD drive with following command:
$ cdrdao write --device /dev/sr0 movie.cue <enter>

If you do not have devede installed on your computer, you can install it from the distribution’s repository. Shown below is the installation using Ubuntu Linux from a terminal window:
$ sudo apt-get install devede cdrdao <enter>