How to install Cyanogen Mod 11 on Samsung Galaxy Note 1 (GT-N7000)

Samsung Galaxy Note 7000, the first Samsung Note, came pre-installed with Android Gingerbread firmware. It was later upgraded by Samsung to Android Ice Cream Sandwich. After that, there has been no upgrades released to it, including security fixes.

Current statistics show that although there is a need for OEMs like Samsung to update the firmware of their phones regularly, they do not update it, and leave several users vulnerable to any security threats. They also do not upgrade the device for economic reasons, since they are more than enthusiastic to launch newer devices all the time. Someone told me that they do not update a device that has been in the market for more than 18 months. Which is kind of risky for a user, due to recent security vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, Poodle, Smack and more. Read on if you want to upgrade your spanking, old Samsung Galaxy Note 7000 (GT-N7000) to Android KitKat with Cyanogen Mod 11.

The below procedure is not for those who do not know what they are doing. There is a likelihood that you may brick the phone, rendering it a paper-weight. You are also advised to take a backup of your phone before you start. Also, the author is not responsible for anything whatsoever. You may proceed entirely at your own risk and consequence.

1 Backup data like contacts, messages, files that are needed.
2 Watch out. The earlier versions of Note 1 GT-N7000 have a firmware flaw by Samsung. Information about this flaw is listed here If you are not confident you want to proceed, then stop here and do not do any further steps.
3 Download Philz Touch for JPLSB edition (my phone) by following the instructions at and get the Philz Version matching JPLSB from here which takes you here, where from where you take zip file at
Copy the zip file to the external SD card that is in your phone.
4 Install the Philz_touch CWM recovery by restarting the phone pressing Home + VolUp + Power. In recovery mode, select Install zip from sdcard. Select the PhilZ touch CWM recovery. It will install. Then restart the phone.
Boot into the stock recovery by pressing Home + Power + Volume Up buttons together
Do not leave these buttons until you are in the stock recovery main menu
Use volume buttons to navigate and home button to make a selection
Select “Apply update from external storage” and press Enter
Select the downloaded zip file
It will complete the installation in a while
After it is done, turn off the device
Now again boot into recovery mode
That’s it
Boot into OS and you’ll find your phone rooted as well
Confirm root access by using Root Checker Application from Play Store
5 Take a full Nandroid backup
Take a full nandroid backup after install Philz Touch. Make sure your external SD Card has enough space. The backup size was 2.5 gb in my case. Backup your stock ROM as it is. First make sure that you have adequate space on your External SD Card. Power Off the phone and go back into recovery mode with Home + VolUp + Power button. In the Recovery code, select Backup and Restore. Then select Backup. Confirm and your backup will be taken on the SD Card.
6 Restart the phone and confirm that your backup has been taken. You will find the backup on the SD Card in a folder clockworkmod. Copy this file on to a computer for safekeeping.
7 Anytime you want to restore the stock ROM backup you just took, start the phone in recovery mode by pressing Home + VolUp + Power, select Backup and Restore and Restore from external sd Card. It will take you to the folder on that card in which you saved the nandroid backup. Select and restore it.
8 Restart the phone and take backup of the EFS folder. To do so, download Terminal Emulator from google play store by Jack Palevich. Once installed, start it and type:
$ su <enter>
# cd /storage/extSdCard <enter>
# tar zcvf efs_backup.tar.gz /efs <enter>
# exit <enter>
$ exit <enter>
Copy the efs_backup.tar.gz file to a safe place on your computer from the SD Card.
9 Get CM11 latest from this link for the GT-N7000 Note 1 phone Verify the checksum, and copy the file to your phone’s external SD Card.
Start the phone in recovery mode by pressing Home + VolUp + Power. Select Install, Install zip from sdcard, select the CM11 file you downloaded.
10 If you get an error of “Status 7” and something on invalid zip file, then you need to do the following step to obtain a RAW kernel that can be used to install CM11.
From this link, download the RAW Kernel file at file is required to enable Philz Touch to install CM11.
11 Now restart the phone in recovery mode (Home + VolUp + Power), select Install Zip from sd card, choose the CM11 zip file and wait for the installation to complete.
Once complete, you can reboot the phone and check out your CM11 phone.
12 Lastly, you can get Google Apps for GT-N7000 Note 1 from this link, choose CM11 “small”, which is leads to from the page this link Copy this file to your phone.

That’s it. Set up the phone and you are now patched, up to date and in a position to use KitKat via CM11 on your old, legacy Galaxy Note 1 GT-N7000 that Samsung no longer patches or updates.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Cyanogen Mod, PhilZ and XDA Developers that we can now use the legacy Samsung Galaxy Note 1 (GT-N7000) with Cyanogen Mod 11 installed.