How to view XPS file created on Microsoft Windows in Linux

Method 1:
The okular application in KDE allows you to open and view XPS files created on Microsoft Windows. You can then print the file from okular.

Method 2:
However, if you want another method, where you do not have to install KDE and it’s several libraries, you can follow the steps below:
$ sudo apt-get install libgxps-utils <enter>

This will install xpstopdf which you can then use as follows to convert the XPS file to a PDF file
$ xpstopdf report.xps report.pdf <enter>

You can now use any PDF reader to open the report.pdf file. You can then print the resulting PDF file too.

Method 3:
$ sudo apt-get install mupdf <enter>
$ mupdf report.xps <enter>

But no printing possible.