How to obtain WLAN traffic statistics using Gkrellm

How to obtain WLAN traffic statistics using Gkrellm

Gkrellm is a powerful system monitor utility on Linux systems. If you need to obtain CPU temperatures, disk I/O, network traffic incoming and outgoing statistics (daily, weekly or monthly), then this is the right choice.

To gather a sizeable amount of WLAN traffic count, you need to make sure you enable gkrellm to start up each time you log in to your Linux desktop.

Below explains how to view WLAN traffic statistics.

1 Gkrellm’s window can be positioned anywhere on your screen by you. You just need to make sure you can see the wlan0 section of it as below. See wlan0. That’s the network interface.
2 When you position the mouse within the wlan0 interface box, you will find a small button appears at the right bottom, surrounded by the red box.
3 Click on the small button and you will then see the traffic statistics window pop up.
gkrellm3That’s it. You can view this information Daily, Weekly or Monthly.