How to enable Local Groups on Android Phone after installation of CyanogenMod 11

After installing Cyanogen Mod on an Android phone, comes the task of importing the backed up contacts.

In stock ROM of Samsung, Sony, etc, there is option of classifying contacts into groups that remain local. You can also filter by them and import/export contacts from/to by those groups only.

However, with Cyanogen Mod, you can only create such groups after you enable Contacts Sync with an online account. This means, Google.

If you want to create groups without having an online account, you can download an app called My Local Account from the Google Play Store. This creates a local account within which you can create groups. At least you can now display your contacts list by any group. However, it does not support import/export by group.

To selectively import/export by groups, you need to select the contacts you want to export to a VCF file individually. Tedious, but not impossible.