Epson L 365 ink tank technology all-in-one printer

Many home users just go for HP printers. After all, HP is the king of the home printing market since a very long time. Me too. I used HP reliably since 2001 and have never had a cause to complain, other than the cost of printing per page and the replacement of ink cartridges. The humbler HP Deskjet F735 had 2 ink cartridges, black and colour. The colour cartridge actually contains 3 colours in it and even if one colour were exhausted, the cartridge required replacement.

After several years with HP and also enjoying it’s support for Linux, I decided to try something different. Looked around and found the Epson L365 All-in-One printer. Color laser printers are still not at the right price for home use and single color laser printers though excellent, do not have color printing capability. Uniquely, the Epson L365 uses ink tank technology where an ink tank is connected to the printer by tubes and is actually an appendage hooked to the side to the printer.

Appendages notwithstanding, the Epson L365 printer actually uses ink tanks. Each ink tank can hold enough ink black (to print 4000 pages) and colour (to print 2000 pages) – all numbers approximated and not guaranteed.

As the head is not attached to the ink cartridge or the tank, there is no excessive cost for the cartridge. You only buy a bottle of ink or the exhausted color and empty it into the correct tank.

The other area I looked for was the ability to print and scan in Linux and Android smart phones. HP is well-known for it’s support to Linux, but the Epson L365 was also well-supported. Epson L365 can also print from an Android phone. Install the Epson iPrint utility for the full range of features (scan, print), or just the Epson Print Enabler to enable only printing from the smart phone.